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 Posted: Tue Aug 16th, 2016 08:44 pm
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Joined: Wed Jul 27th, 2016
Location: USA
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And all that I thought I knew fades to black
I guess this is what they mean by opposites attract

This feeling of emptiness in my heart was once filled with adoration
Or at least that's my belief, my own adaptation

Now...through the tunnels of my pupils, the reflection is bleek
And I'm sure that with all these extracurriculars, that this is defeat

I relinquish my will to fight that which I hate to accept
Though it's hard to swallow, it's not hard to interpret

That feeling of enchantment drifted to disdain
And as to showing affection, you refrain

It leads me to thinking & there's a lot to question
And though you seem fine with it, I'm the one stressing

Can you see the hurt in my eyes as we converse a minute
Or can you tell when I begin to speak and become timid

Or could it be that your heart has waxed cold & you no longer care
Why is it that I go through this? The emotions not at all rare

Can you fathom how it feels to die a little inside each day
But force a smile because that's what you'd rather convey 

Do you know how it feels to be treated as if you're unworthy
When I have no idea why it's so hard to love me

I'm sorry I want you around, because you're who I adore
But when it comes to spending time with me, you abhor 

When I give a love so real, I don't know why I receive hate
But this is just my life & I doubt that you could seriously relate

I've tried my absolute best to be the woman you need
And it killed me to lose our seed

And I still been going hard, always holding it down for you
But you got so many countless things you'd rather do

I'm not even sure if I'm the one to blame for holding on
It's like I'm fighting a battle that you've already won 

Ultimately I'm powerless, because I'm the one that cares more
I try to fall back & just go with it, even if it makes my heart sore

I'm just not sure if there's anything left I can even do
Lost and confused on what I feel versus what is true

I wish you would tell me instead of leaving me on a cliffhanger
Because when we hug, it's like being in the arms of a stranger

And when we kiss, you treat it more like a chore
It caused my heart to forge these mental wars

I don't know what they have over me or why you drift from my side 
I guess it's just something that'll plague me inside 

I wanna know what did I do to make you so disconnected from me 
Or is it that new love is so beautiful and time just makes it ugly

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