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Can you love me past the pain?  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Aug 11th, 2016 11:00 pm
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Could you love me pass my pain?
Move my shame and never blame
Will you look at me the same
If you knew my pain?

Would you understand my past?
Will you leave…..…or will you really stay?
Can you love me pass my pain?

Soothe my heart and help it heal…
mold it back together like it use to be
So many pieces are lost
.....Don’t know if I can love again

yes I talk....but can you really bear? me if you knew all...
But willing to try with you Do you think
……you can love me pass this pain through the hurt?

Can you just love me pass my pain
Take my sorrow and turn it to joy
Take my hurt and make it disappear
Wipe my tears and cherish….
Who I am
Can you love me pass my pain
Hold my hand and walk this
Road with me…
Compassion ally
Do you think I am silly……
For asking you this?
I need to know because…
Love has let me down so much
didn’t matter how much I love

Love has always left with out a sound
like thief in the middle of the night….
breaking out
So can you love me pass all my pain?

You have changed my world
Got me believing in love again
I see life through your eyez…as I take your hand
When we are apart I carry…Your spirit with me
Feel your soul deeper as each day go past
Something strong is taken over
this pain I have inside

Wishing you was here with me.
Can you promise never to break my heart?
And we will never break apart
As tears run down my face
Can you
Could you….
Love me pass my pain?

You got me feeling
Having me yearning
Your love have changed who I am
What I want….
Never understanding what love really was….
Until I met you

Taking your hand
…Letting you love me pass all the pain
as you lead me into your world
....but still
scared the pain will come again

(c) '07
One woman's Heart

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