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Read by Mends with they flow Brings a smile to your face How does poetry becomes the poets soul? As the world turns around And the rain pours or the sun shines For the poet still escapes Within what they write Sorrows pain.Tends to wipe The tears that fall as the healin Tries to begin.Feelin the essences as they write the Pain or happiness through the ink of their pen That covers a bare canvassBring flowers to bloom or Pasting pain that hurts deep inside A freedom to them that comforts And mends the heart That releases a mad rapture And as you read..your captured..Within a tale of fantasy wit a twist of reality Capsizing in their happy times and the sad Feelin the flow as if youre living it As they speak it through the ink And pose it as they feel..POETRY in its pure raw natureWithin it flows and it release Excitement Seduction Awareness Knowledge Mad creation Heated fire rhythms Beats twisted adventure Erotic bliss A punch that explores the mind Thoughts of the mind intertwine And lay Desires dreams and fantasy A story outline within a story How does poetry becomes the poets soul? Poetry by an Angel

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