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 Posted: Thu Aug 11th, 2016 10:29 pm
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Hmmm… as I sit and think of you and I

Thoughts flow through my head, like a poem I wrote long ago. About an almost love. Friends to lovers to best friends to mates forever. Something strong, that can grow stronger. Something real Are you my poem? I mean…my dream. One I can live, one I can believe in My soul mate spirit to spirit ? Are you my poem? Them lost words of desires and dreams? Can I live it with you? These emotions I have had before with words I wrote in a wish of a desire to come true. This poem talked of love and life with a joy in happiness. Something that would last….Someone I can share my dreams and make his dreams come true….Though life I have had disappointment of pain cut so deep I was shallow breathing with a feeling of all was lost and just giving up on feeling this feeling….are you my poem? is this possible … is it my turn for something more…I don’t want to be a bed buddy or that late night butt call.

I don’t want a superman, or a pride pretender. Someone strong yet sweet and meek I can call my King, with a passion for life and love for my heavenly Father….A man that don’t mind sharing his inner thoughts and desires with me….Are you that poem I wrote so long ago? Can we build on a our dream together….Will you hold me when I need it the most touch me with the little things and cherish me as I cherish you….A man that call me his Queen and mean it love me as a goddess and treat me like and angel. As the poem goes long ago….I want to learn you and at each step letting you know I accept you as you are…not trying to change you ….see long ago our souls met …now are spirits have joined to produce something of something that is confusing me. My emotions what to grow the wall wont let them spring out and experience what we have done. Down inside I don’t want to feel the hurt or disappointment of lost once again.
Are you my lost poem from long ago....

(c) 2007

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